Ms. Carey Givings Returns to Main St.!, October 2023

Our delightful GWC scarecrow, Ms. Carey Givings, has returned to Uptown Greenwood! She is on display on Main Street in this year’s Annual Scarecrow Contest.

Ms. Carey Givings may be seen at the lamppost in front of The Grose Law Firm (305 Main St.).

Please pay Carey a visit and then honor her – and GWC – by voting for her as your favorite Uptown scarecrow! Click this link to cast your vote for Carey! Votes may be placed from Tuesday, October 3 at 10:00 am through midnight on Tuesday, October 31. (Winners will be announced on the Uptown website, Facebook, and Instagram on November 2.)

The GWC scarecrow is a GWC Communication Committee project initiated last year by Rachel Strayer. This year, Ms. Carey Givings features “caring arms” that hold scarecrow children representing a number of our GWC Grant recipients that provide essential services in our community.

Communications Committee members Catherine DiBenedetto, Sandy McCord, Laura Stowe, and Rachel Strayer spent a lovely autumn evening creating this scarecrow on Catherine’s farm.

We hope that Ms. Carey Givings will serve as our Uptown ambassador throughout the montth of October, encouraging more women to join us in GWC as we care for Greenwood, and give for the benefit of our whole community!