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GWC Quarterly Meeting, “Greenwood Woman Care – About the Environment”, at Westminster Presbyterian Church, February 13, 2024

GWC was blessed with 19 guests and 43 members attending our February 13th Quarterly Meeting, Greenwood Women Care – About the Environment, at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Rachel Strayer welcomed the enthusiastic group with a special recognition of guests and referenced our program on local land conservation efforts and sustainability, noting: “If we don’t take care of the planet, its climate, and ecosystems, we undermine how our societies function, worsen our lives and, perhaps most directly, harm our own well-being. Clearly, caring about the environment is in perfect alignment with our purpose as an organization!”

Rachel then introduced our host for this venue, the Reverend Caroline Dennis. GWC is proud to call Caroline a member, and she recently became the newest member of the Communications Committee. Caroline spoke of the beginnings of Westminster Presbyterian 42 years ago and of a special partnership between Westminster Presbyterian and The Toddler Learning Center. This alliance had its beginning at a GWC meeting when Teresa Goodman spoke of Community Initiatives’ need for space for this program and Caroline responded by offering facilities at Westminster Presbyterian!

Summer Booker, Chair of the Governance and Finance Committee and GWC Treasurer, gave a fascinating presentation that outlined the history and purpose of the GWC Endowment. Since GWC’s inception in 2018, $100 of every member’s annual membership contribution of $550 has been added to our GWC Endowment and invested and professionally managed with other endowed funds held by Greenwood County Community Foundation. The GWC Endowment is intended for the long-term sustainability of our organization. Currently, our Advisory Board has voted to allow this fund to continue to accumulate and grow.

Maureen Kilburn of the Programs and Education Committee introduced Kirby Elizabeth Self, Miss South Carolina USA and a student in Harvard Extension School’s Sustainability Master’s Degree Program. Kirby shared six guidelines for sustainability that we should be mindful of in our everyday life: considering our method of transportation, unplugging unused devices, avoiding single-use plastic containers, recycling, shopping at green businesses, and eating local by growing vegetables or shopping at farmers’ markets.

Laura Bachinski, Chair of the Programs and Education Committee, introduced Peggy Adams, founder of the Upper Savannah Land Trust (USLT) and a Charter Member of GWC, who spoke of the beginnings of the USLT, founded in 2000 with her husband, L.B. Adams. Peggy introduced Rossie Corwon, former Board Chair of USLT and a GWC Charter Member who spoke of her work on the board of USLT with Wade Harrison, USLT’s Executive Director. Wade spoke about conservation easements which help private landowners protect their waters and land. Greenwood County has 18 easements, managed by USLT that protect 17,936 acres of land  from unwanted development and ensure that the natural beauty of the land will be available for future generations.

Courtney Christensen and Margaret Conrad presented two children’s books donated in honor of our speakers to the Greenwood County Library. Kirby Elizabeth Self was honored with Because of an Acorn by  Lola Schaefer and Wade Harrison, Peggy Adams, and Rossie Corwon were honored with Slow Down; 50 Mindful Moments in Nature by  Rachel Williams.

Mary Woodiwiss, Chair of the GWC Advisory Board, thanked our speakers, our venue hosts, and our Social and Programs & Education Committees. She recognized our 23 new members (so far!) and also acknowledged “each one of you who have come to share in this  full, rich time together.”  Mary asked us to consider: “Who else would you like to see in the next room where we meet? Who are we missing? Consider how you can help spread the word.”  She encouraged members and guests to attend our Annual Celebration on Monday, March 18th, and to bring guests!

It was a lovely, enlightening, and educational meeting enjoyed by all!

GWC Winter 2024 Newsletter

New Members Soup Supper, February 1, 2024

In their biannual tradition, our Membership Committee welcomed our newest members on February 1 with a bountiful supper of appetizers, soups, salads, rolls, and desserts – all homemade by committee members, all delicious! Even more satisfying than the fare was the experience of sharing this enlivening evening with 14 of our (currently 21) new 2024 members!

Martha Ann Davis provided the perfect setting in her hospitable home, replete with her special touches. Betty Adams, Membership Committee Co-Chair, welcomed all and led us in introductions around the room and Rachel Strayer (Advisory Board Vice Chair) and Mary Woodiwiss (Advisory Board Chair) offered brief descriptions of our six standing committees and answered questions about GWC.

There was plenty of time to linger around each table and be enriched by our conversations with new friends. We look forward to being together again later this month!

GWC Social, “Silver and Gold”, at Stoney Point Lake Clubhouse, January 22, 2024

“Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.”

It was a dark, cold, foreboding January night at Lake Greenwood made bright, inviting, and cozy by more than 80 caring souls who attended GWC’s first social of 2024 on Monday, January 22, in the beautiful Stoney Point Lake Clubhouse.

GWC enjoyed a near record breaking number of more than 30 guests and opportunities abounded for keeping with our Silver and Gold theme for the event: “make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.” Approximately 50 GWC members were thrilled to see each other and meet so many guests after a GWC December hiatus. Enthusiastic greetings filled the air!

Many thanks to our Social Committee and other members who secured the locale, created evites, documented our evening together, beautifully served our refreshments and beverages, and brought friends to share in the warmth! Guests and members were welcomed with lovely smiles and words! It was a remarkable kickoff to GWC’s seventh membership year of impacting Greenwood nonprofits!