Community Impact Grants

Focus Areas

The needs and opportunities in Greenwood County are numerous, and local resources to meet these are plentiful.  Greenwood community members have consistently been generous in their support of local organizations and individuals in need.

But because the resources of the Greenwood County Community Foundation are not limitless, we have established Community Impact Grants in strategic Focus Areas. Focus Areas are designed to be broad enough to encompass a wide range of programs, projects, and people.  They are subject to reconsideration by the Foundation’s Board and Staff as community concerns change and evolve.

Our Community Impact granting cycles are:

Youth and Education

This granting area includes the variety of all programs and projects which provide an educational foundation for success in achieving one’s fullest physical, emotional and intellectual potential.

Grants to be considered might include (but are not limited to):

  • Education Attainment
  • Reducing High School Dropout Rate
  • Third Graders Reading at appropriate level
  • Early Childhood development and education
  • Afterschool and Summer Programs
  • Adult Education
Community Enhancement

This granting area includes all projects and programs designed to make Greenwood County a more pleasant and livable community.

Grants to be considered might include (but are not limited to):

  • Arts and Culture
  • Community Development
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Bike, Running, and Dog and Walking Trails
  • Animal Safety & Care
Open Granting

This cycle will be open for any grant request meeting our granting guidelines, but particularly for programs and projects which do not fall within any of the above categories.

Any organization which has not received a grant from GCCF during this calendar year may apply in the Open Granting cycle. Requests which were submitted earlier in this calendar year but did not receive funding may be rolled into this cycle.


The Innovation Grant supports creative ideas that foster strategic change within the Greenwood County community. This Grant generates collective excitement due to its originality and courageous approach to addressing root causes of systemic problems or deficiencies, or by contributing to a healthy, thriving community. Successful proposals will stretch the imagination and enrich lives. Collaboration and partnerships among organizations are expected and essential to assure lasting impact and success.

Innovation Grants are unique among those awarded by GCCF. Awards are for larger amounts and are more competitive than in our annual Community Impact grant cycles. Proposals will be considered for awards up to $50,000 total, to be disbursed within a single year or as a multi-year commitment, in this biennial grant cycle.

Prospective applicants must contact Foundation staff for further details before making application, as well as attend one (1) mandatory orientation meeting.

Criteria for the Innovation Grant

Does the proposed project:
• creatively address an identifiable community need or aspect of quality of life?
• meaningfully engage stakeholders and, whenever possible, include those directly affected by the problem?
• reflect effective collaboration with other community organizations?
• use existing resources and maximize current community assets?
• have potential to generate broad community support and to become self-sustaining over time?
• include evaluation mechanism/metrics?

For additional information, contact us at or 864.223.1524.

Grants Review Committees (GRC)

Community members from a range of fields and experiences form our Grants Review Committees (GRC) for Community Impact Grants in the Youth and Education, Community Enhancement, and Open Granting cycles. Through a careful process of review, evaluation, and discussion, each GRC serves our community with their insight, reflection, and broad experience to assist GCCF in grantmaking decisions for the benefit of our community. The GRC for each cycle makes funding recommendations that are presented to our Board of Directors for final determination. Please see our Archives and our Grants Review Committees for current and past members.