Caring Women Building Community

2021 Members

Betty Adams
Peggy Adams
Kelly Addy
Kit Adkins
Susan Albon
Laura Bachinski
Martha Barnette
Maria Bazan
Rosemary Bell
Dana Boellert
Summer Booker
Holly Bracknell
Kelly Buckshorn
Joanne Campbell
Connie Carstens
Vickie Chandler
Courtney Christensen
Thelma Christopher
Debbie Coesens
Debra Coleman
Pacquitta Coleman
Margaret Conrad
Rossie Corwon
Holley Coyle
Anne Craig
Katie Davenport
Lori Davis
Martha Ann Davis
Caroline Dennis
Catherine DiBenedetto
Avary Doubleday
Joy Draper
Mary Dula
Mary Balfour Dunlap
Kathy Emily
Brenda Feece
Amy Fennell
Carolyn Fish
Alison Fletcher
Donna Foster
Rosemerry Franks
Suzy Fuller

Bobbie Fulton
Stacey Gantt
Bev Gebicke
Nadine Gilchrist
Teresa Goodman
Sharlene Greene
Mary Charles Haigler
Anne Hancock
Carol Harley
Rebecca Harmon
Trish Hartung
Menke Harvin
Kelly Hastings
Alice Hodges
Suzy Holloway
Ann Holzhauer
Joyce Hyde
Kerry Ignatovich
Karen Jennings
Sandra Johnson
Sally Kauffmann
Maureen Kilburn
Priya Kumar
Megha Lal
Lesley Lane
Cindy Leary
Cindy Logan
Marisel Losa
Mary Martin
Sylvia Martin
Deb Maschoff
Carole Mauldin
Sandy McCord
Camilla Cathcart McDevitt
Linda McDonald
Sue McFarland
Rhonda McGinnis
Gay McHugh
Becky McIntosh
Charlene McLoughlin
Sandra McMullen
Jane Merrill
Rhonda Merritt

Barbara Miller
Sabrina Miller
Marilyn Murphy
Mamie Nicholson
Lou Noel
Phyllis Nolan
Laine Orcutt
Laura Padgett
Jan Puzar
Boo Ramage
Edris Louise Robinson
Carol Scales
Nancy Scott
Karen Smith
Laurie Smith
Lisa Smith
Tara Smith
Shana Southard-Dobbs
Michelle Stallworth
Lorraine Stockman
Laura Stowe
Rachel Strayer
Pam Taylor
Prudence Taylor
Casey Tompkins
Nina Trent
Eleni Tsikalakis
Cuba Turman
Callie Turner
Stephanie Turner
Lynn Vaughn
Sue Veer
Ada Velez-Kerhoulas
Anit Vettukattil
Denise Waldrep
Louise Watkins
Anna Welborn
Sharon Westbrook
Andrea White
Susan Williams
Trentsie Williams
Mary Woodiwiss

2021 Supporters

GWC gratefully acknowledges the following supporters for their generous contributions to GWC through gifts to the GWC Endowment, Granting Fund, Gift Memberships, and/or in-kind gifts.

Greenwood County Community Foundation provides nonprofit status and a permanent home for the GWC Endowment, Granting Fund, and records as well as some administrative and in-kind support.

Other nonprofit organizations and businesses listed have kindly provided venues and/or services for GWC Quarterly Meetings and special events.

Betty Adams
Kit Adkins
Laura Bachinski
Holly Bracknell
Rossie Corwon
Martha Ann Davis
Kathy Emily
Alison Fletcher
The Fletcher Family Fund
Ann Holzhauer
Iris Garden Club
The James Family Fund

Priya Kumar
The Lal Family Fund
Deb Maschoff
John and Rebecca Patrick
Shana Southard-Dobbs
Lynn Vaughn
Sue Veer
Denise Waldrep, Waldrep Works Campaign
Susan Williams
Ariel Woodiwiss & Nate Mahaffey
Mary Woodiwiss

Greenwood County Community Foundation
The Arts Center of Greenwood
Burton Center
Cokesbury College
Harley Family Center
Inn on the Square

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Caring Women Building Community

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