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GWC 2019 Highlights, December 2019

GWC Highlights 2019

January 8, 2019   “Shake off the Winter Blues” GWC Social, held at Wild Hare Productions Theatre, including

“Scenes from Shakespeare” performed by Wild Hare’s Youth Shakespeare actors

February 19, 2019   New 2019 Members’ gathering, hosted by Steering and Membership Committee

Members to welcome 26 new members

February 25, 2019   1st GWC Quarterly Meeting, held at The Museum; Reception, followed by presentations

from GWC Committees and an outline of the voting process for our very first GWC Grant


March 12, 2019   GWC Presentation, “LearnŸ GiveŸ Grow- Women Building Community Through Collective

Grantmaking” at Together SC’s Annual Summit, “Building Bridges” by Trentsie Williams and

Mary Woodiwiss, GWC Steering Committee Members

March 26, 2019   1st GWC Annual Meeting, held at Greenwood Genetic Center; Reception, followed by

confirmation of slate of GWC Officers and Steering Committee, annual highlights, and

celebration of our first GWC Grant Awards, totaling $47,625!

March – November 2019   GWC presentations to community groups to spread the word about GWC

May 13, 2019   2nd GWC Quarterly Meeting, held at Hospice Store; Reception, followed by our program

“Getting Your Ducks in a Row” featuring presentations by: Nancy Corley (CEO, Hospice and

Palliative Care of the Piedmont), the Hon. Travis Moore (Judge, Greenwood County Probate

Court) and Melissa Bane (Senior Client Private Advisor, Greenwood Capital)

July – November 2019   Informal home gatherings hosted by GWC Members and GWC presentations to other

community groups to introduce GWC to community women

July 2019    GWC Membership reached 123!

August 20, 2019   3rd GWC Quarterly Meeting, held at the United Center for Community Care; Reception,

followed by our program “Back to School: Tools to Succeed” featuring presentations by:

Katie Davenport (Executive Director, The Greenwood Promise) and Laura Padgett (Emerald

High School Transition teacher and Emerald High School Thrift Shop)

October 14, 2019   “GWC Fall Social”, at Grand Harbor Clubhouse

November 4, 2019   4th GWC Quarterly Meeting, at The Arts Center; Reception, followed by our program

                                   “Celebrating Community Impact” featuring our eight 2019 GWC Grant recipients