GWC Awards 2020 Grants! October 28, 2020

We are very excited to share the wonderful news of our second granting cycle for Greenwood Women Care! This year we are pleased to announce that $74,000 of new grant monies have been awarded to 10 nonprofits in our community because of generous contributions from GWC Members!

Applicant requests ranged from $2000 – $10,000. The Grants Review & Awards Committee gathered voting information obtained from the Survey Monkey ballots. Using the raw voting scores, the weighted average, and a percentile ranking based on the total granting amount, the Grants Review & Awards Committee employed a careful, detailed process to determine the number of projects to be funded and the amounts of each award.

The Greenwood Women Care Grant recipients of 2020 are:

What an incredible impact Greenwood Women Care is having on our community of Greenwood County! We could not be prouder to have been part of the detailed work of presenting the process of voting to our Members. We are so pleased with our Members’ commitment to Learn, Give, and Grow!

GWC Grants Review & Awards Committee