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GWC Letter to the Editor, June 2020

In early June, the GWC Steering Committee discussed and approved the submission of the following letter to the Index Journal. It was published later in the month, on 6.30.

The impetus for the letter came from a GWC Member who recognized the critical moment in which GWC is well-situated to speak to our community as a positive, inclusive voice, consistent with our mission and values. We hope and trust that this will be an encouragement to our Members, friends, and community.

To the Editor:

In these troubled times, Greenwood Women Care (GWC) stands with the many in our community and world who continue to experience injustice.

GWC is a diverse, open membership organization of 125+ women of varied life experiences, ages, and sectors who come together in our commitment to Greenwood’s thriving through collective grantmaking to local nonprofits.

“Caring Women Building Community” is our mission statement. In our three-year history, we have experienced community-building within our membership, with our many guests, and with those serving in local nonprofits. From our formation, we have intended to be an organization that welcomes, includes, and reflects the broad range of women who comprise Greenwood. In this time of divisiveness and pain, it is good to pause and think about all we have in common.

GWC continues to seek the well-being of all in our home community and the broader communities in which Greenwood County is situated. We deeply desire that all of our actions and efforts bring us closer to the realization of the Beloved Community that Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned and pointed us toward.

We know that one organization cannot solve the ills of our society. But we want to bring our best to bear on making our home a better one for everyone. We care passionately about our community – thus our name, Greenwood Women Care. Let us all unite in our care about each other, our community, and our world!

Mary Woodiwiss and Laura Bachinski, on behalf of the GWC Steering Committee